Squinting may give me crow's feet, but it enables me to see the world the way I want to paint it. I ignore realistic detail in favor of shapes, color, and patterns. Squinting helps me see and express the essence of a subject whether I'm painting on location or from a photograph in a studio. 

For the past few years I've focused primarily on landscape (though I also enjoy still life and figures on occasion). I plan to continue that focus in 2018. I will also continue my exploration of oil painting and oil + cold wax, though you will also find some acrylics and watercolors in my portfolio. I challenge myself to use similar visual language no matter what medium I am using. That language includes drips, layers, scraping through layers, pencil and other line work, and bold brush strokes. I am more in love with the process of making art than I am with whatever subject I'm painting. So I want my viewers to see that process and to know without doubt that an artist's hand was at work.

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